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The AI Tool for COVID Safe Environments


AI Video Analytics for Safer, Smarter Cities

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Transformative Solutions

Explore our suite of cutting-edge video analytics solutions for smart cities & security

Privacy-first GDPR compliant software deployable on-edge, on-premise or via the cloud

Make your premises COVID-secure

​Monitor and manage COVID safe behaviours at your facility in real-time

  • Social distancing

  • Face mask detection

  • Capacity management

Detect and predict security threats

Spot threats faster, reduce security costs and prevent damage and losses

  • Violence

  • Commotion

  • Theft

  • Anomalies

Attain new road traffic insights

Prevent injuries and fatalities on the road, reduce congestion and maximise road infrastructure spending

  • Collision prediction & detection

  • Highway code violations

  • Vehicle counting & classification

  • Parking availability

Custom Solutions

Have something else in mind?

Contact us to explore what groundbreaking video analytics solution we can develop for your business


Powered by AI

that Reasons

Our breakthrough AI technology performs human-like reasoning over video footage, enabling unprecedented machine understanding with full transparency and minimal training data

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Our AI understands the events and behaviours occurring and predicts what may occur in real-time

Human Interpretable

Our algorithm explains its decision-making process in a human-readable way, ensuring complete transparency


Our proprietary technology requires a fraction of the training data compared to conventional machine learning


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Our Story

Innovators. Dreamers.

Shapes AI is an award-winning and groundbreaking technology company based between London and Silicon Valley.

We are on a mission to make cities safer and smarter without comprising the liberties and privacy of their citizens.

We’re a young and talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers that have come together from Cambridge, Stanford, Princeton, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft. As such, we combine cutting edge scientific research with a commitment to product and service excellence.


Moderation AI

See how our breakthrough AI technology is also helping social media and shared video platforms identify and remove unsuitable video content automatically

Visit our dedicated platform: Moderation AI


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