Moderate Video Content using AI, Not Humans

Protect Users   //   Protect Staff   //   Protect Brand


Breakthrough AI for fighting toxic videos

Real-time  //  Scalable  // Actionable Results

We are helping video content platforms of all sizes fight for safer communities with our platform's proprietary AI algorithm, which understands what is happening in videos through human-like reasoning.

This allows for never-before-possible contextual awareness that scales real-time video content moderation to protect against viral dissemination of unsuitable content.


We Moderate

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User Generated Content (UGC)

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Brand & Ad Inventory

We scan videos on platforms and websites you thought were safe/whitelisted to protect you from a PR crisis.
Don't let your brand mistakenly advertise next to NSFW or harmful content. Platforms have some safety checks in place, but brands still find their products advertised next to unsafe content.


Live Streams

There are more active live streams than human moderators, making it an impossible task to fully monitor feeds. Be alerted of any live streams that endanger your platform.

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We Detect

Motherboard Installation

Graphic Content

Disturbing content such as grotesque violence, stabbings, and mass shootings.


Videos can have safe visual content with offensive text or speech. We can help prevent harmful content from sneaking past visual filters. We can also moderator user comments, reviews, and posts.

VR Games
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Destructive Trends

If a new trend starts going viral (e.g. the Tide Pod Challenge), we can quickly modify our algorithms to start detecting those new types of events.

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