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Detect & Predict Security Threats

Shapes AI's platform helps police and security teams spot threats to public safety and security faster

Our proprietary AI analyses security camera footage (live and archived) to detect criminal and suspicious activities

Digital Chronometer

Spot Threats Faster

Receive real-time notifications of criminal and suspicious activities occurring or that may occur, so your teams can respond before issues escalate

Reduce Labour Costs

No need to monitor every screen in the control room, our AI alerts your team to all the pertinent situations

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Image by Nadine Shaabana

Prevent Damage & Losses

Every feed can be monitored every minute of the day, radically reducing the cost of missing goods and damaged property


Analytics Features


Violence Detection & Prediction

Commotion Detection

Theft Detection

Loitering Detection

How It Works

Security Camera
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Going Over Plans

Cameras Capture

Input video footage from any device

Our AI Analyses

Videos can be processed via the cloud, on-premise or on-device

You Take Action

Notifications and insights are presented on actionable user interfaces


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